Saturday, February 28, 2009

Free Reminder

Need to remember something, but don't have your planner handy? Problem solved. Visit You can set up an account for free and remind yourself of whatever needs to be remembered. Pretty handy, huh?

First Entry--Bear with me...

Welcome me to the blogging bandwagon, as this is my first serious post to a blog ever. Scary thought. I guess that I should inform the reader of exactly what my nonsensical musings are going to be centered on. Here goes. I intend to blog about the freebies, the almost freebies, and the cheap prices that I see/attempt to gain. My intent is to help others become their own queens of free so that we all pay a little less =-). Wish me luck as I wish you the same. Hopefully, my posts will be much better than this one in the future. Saying hello is hard to do.